Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK 1.1.0

Gunship Strike 3D

(Unlimited Money)


Are you a Tom Cruise fan of the film Top Gun? Download and participate in the fascinating airplane battles of Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money).

Gunship Strike 3D has an airstrike theme and is an action game. A helicopter is given to you, with the task of regaining the bases occupied by the enemy.


Overall, GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D is quite similar to this gameplay. Each level has a goal, and you need to complete it at all costs. It can be as easy as defeating all enemies, destroying the area of command, ammunition, or food, or gathering information from designated places.





Gradually, the difficulty would be moved higher, as the enemy becomes more numerous at each base and is equipped with more sophisticated weapons. Tanks, rocket cannons, protective turrets, warships, or even bosses are brought in. You do not need to think about this, though.

The first levels were developed by JOYCITY Corp very simply, just for introduction and guidance, before you get acquainted with the mechanics of the triggers, Gunship Strike 3D is designed for smartphone compatibility. The player can tilt the device to the left, right, up, down, to control the trajectory of the helicopter. It uses sensors on the device.



Attached to that, a series of controls were mounted to handle the movement of the helicopter and use the arms sets. They are arranged with the corresponding icons at two corners of the panel. To kill the enemy, you just need to aim and press the trigger.

For players to gather and develop their skills in battles, Gunship Strike 3D has a fighting helicopter system. Like Tadpole, Shamal, Firefox, Raptor, Skimmer, Leviathan, Hydra, and Hunter, there are 8 names in all. They can be purchased with diamonds, for the most part. Generally speaking, each helicopter is equipped with various structures and sets of engines.

And that makes them have different HP, pace, agility, ability to shoot, and weapons statistics.
The Tadpole can be fitted with up to two weapons by design, including machine guns and light missiles. But you can equip up to five weapons with Hunter and Hydra, and this makes your attack difficult for the enemy to decide.

In addition, to increase HP points, aircraft can also be upgraded. Gold coins and some special ingredients are eaten in this process.


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Cloud City The parts used for the stage area are rare, such as the single-studded transparent caps Ice Planet Orange, and a tonne.