godus mod apk 0.0.60


To control and tend to people in a whole society, download Godus Mod Apk Latest Version Free for Android. The shortest and most perfect way to become a God


godus mod apk


Godus is a game that Peter Molyneux and 22Cans, which is his studio for game creation, developed. This game will fulfil your urge to become a god. In your civilization, you will be able to rule over civilization and tend to the needs of people.

Godus mod apk 0.0.60

This couple is then going to breed a worker who will build his tent as well. It is this process of breeding that helps the player to expand the population and travel around the world. God can make you a god, and you will alter the arrangement of the levels of the land to fulfil your beliefs.

You will come across ships that you will need to fix with gathered resources during this exploration. With the assistance of this sheep, your journey to unknown lands will then begin. It is in this unknown land where you can support more individuals and create more structures as well.