Game Zone Slay the Spire APK 2.2.3

We can finally enjoy the famous Slay The Spire card game on Android phones after years of waiting. Download the game’s APK file through the link below the post.


Description of Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a card adventure game similar to Rogue. While card construction is an essential element of this game, its randomness, including random routes and random adventures, is the greatest charm of this game. To some degree, activities, random enemies, etc., make individuals addicted to it.

It is appropriate for players to play an armored warrior or a silent hunter, and a robot that is malfunctioning. To defeat the final boss or die, choose one of several roads, challenge different enemies or cause different adventures on the way, etc. until they reach the final stage.

The way to advance. In the initial HP, initial relics, and decks used, the distinction between the two professions of the armored warrior and the silent hunter lies. At the end of and combat round, the armored warrior can recover 6 HP, which is more appropriate for defensive flow and power flow.

The approach is more apt for burning cards and hazardous sources, and Silent Hunter. For these two careers, the initial cards are fixed. You may choose to draw a card following each battle round. Depending on the free combination in your possession, you can spend gold on buying or removing a card from the retailer. And various decks can be built according to the main cards in hand, and different genres are derived, such as Scorching Strike Stream, Ideal Strike Stream, Rushing Strike Stream, etc.

Everyone is able to have their own gaming package. The game is broken down into normal mode, regular challenge, and sophisticated mode. Your function is not constrained by the standard model, and there are no additional positive or negative impacts. For beginners and casual players, the Standard mode is more fitting.

The daily challenge will restrict the character you use compared to the regular model, and add 3 buffs to you before the start, which can have a positive or a negative impact. On the leaderboard, your score in a round will be shown. For players who have some experience and like certain challenges, the regular challenge mode is more fitting. The advanced mode will be unlocked after completing 5 levels or after beating all 3 final bosses once. The advanced mode starts from 1, you can unlock the next difficulty level up to the advanced difficulty level 15 each time you pass the level, and the difficulty increases gradually.

For veteran players and players who want to challenge themselves, the advanced mode is more appropriate. A total of 3 levels are in the game. Each level’s boss is random. When you beat the third-stage boss, you can pass the level successfully.

The challenge will fail when you die because your HP is drained, and you can only begin again. You will get rewards after the next reopening after you have seen the boss at the first level. Its beauty as a Roguelike game lies in randomness and repetitive difficulties. Several times, you can try the game, match different cards, choose different tactics, and with a little luck, I believe that in the end, you can pass the stage.


Introduce the Spire in Slay

The entertainment game industry is booming, so many distinctive games have been born. Not unprecedented is the combination of RPG-Roguelike and Deck-builder, but Slay The Spire used to be excellent. About why? Since it is one of the pioneering games released in 2017 for the first time on console and PC platforms. And in early February 2021, the official version of Google Play was launched by Slay The Spire. This game can be downloaded here or bought for $9.99 on Google Play.



Slay The Spire takes you into a realm of fantasy where wars are continuously taking place. You need a set of heroes’ cards to accumulate, for they are the instruments to help you execute any action in battle. Attacking the goal, increasing defense, self-defense, buffing the team’s health, for instance. In the game, there is a tower named Spire. In this tower, you can play and try to ascend to higher floors.

After all, you’re going to compete with the boss to determine whether or not you should play on the next level. You’ll obtain cards and objects during a battle in the Spire. Such bonuses depend on how you select the path. If you are challenged at a point on a simple path, you will receive fewer rewards. Bosses will send you plenty of loot, but it can also carry your trip back to the ground to the top of the tower, Slay The Spire is known to be a game of fast-paced cards. Battles kept on breaking out.

Meanwhile, if harm is caused by an opponent, you can have to fight for the rest of the journey with the remaining health. Seen in a way, the products of health recovery are like a true treasure. You can also engage in regular challenge operations in addition to the main mode. The fights here have a higher level of difficulty and you have many objectives. You can earn accomplishment points if you complete. In order to rate players on the global leaderboard, the system will use this ranking.


The Spire Explore

There are several Spire Towers in Slay The Spire, and each of them is presented as ancient relics. This spot, therefore, is truly worth exploring. The Spire treemap is going to be different depending on the level you play. On the map to conquer, you can select points, each with terrain with separate objects. One of the most beneficial destinations is monuments.

During the Spire conquest, you will also receive characters, cards, and buff items. Furthermore, when you play again, the Spire Tower map will be fully refreshed. This prevents the experience from repetitive and repeating.


Develop tactics

In general, deck-building games enable players to create a successful plan to improve their winning chances in combat. This approach explains how to create the correct cards and how to use them. In general, deck-building games enable players to create a successful plan to improve their winning chances in combat. This approach explains how to create the correct cards and how to use them.


The Characters

Besides the cards, you need a role-playing character. There are three characters, Ironclad, Silent, and Defect, to choose from. You can read the text of the character profile that the framework offers for more accurate details, each of which has a different benefit.


For Android, Update Slay the Spire APK

It’s difficult to offer a reason why Slay the Spire is so exciting. Maybe by taking lessons from your mistakes, you will change. I began to play as a blind man, trying to guess and select random cards to play. But during the testing, as the opponent punished my faults, I learned very painful lessons.

That allows me to have a better understanding of strategy, to understand how to use each card at each point of the battle. You will encounter similar difficulties, but as you play through the tutorial sequence of the game and the experiences of other players, you will soon advance.