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 Better Flirt


Love is a Bird’ If You hold Tightly, it Dies.

If you Hold Lightly, It Flies.

But If You Hold it Nicely, It Shits in your hand.



Forgot Love And

Better Flirt.. 😀


“Cell” phone


I finally realized that people are prisoners of their phones… that’s why it’s called a “cell” phone.



A British Asked A Question To Memon Company Owner.
How Do You Motivate Your Employees To Be So Punctual?

He Smiled And Replied:
“It’s Simple; I Have 30 Employees And 29 Parking Spaces And
‘One Is pAID pARKING’.. 😀


My Fridge Just Groaned,

Rolled Their Eyes,

And Hissed At Me:


Quarantine Days..




Wife Was Checking Her Husbands Phone

And Saw A Contact Named COVID19 And

She Called The Number

And Her Own Phone Rang.

Husband Is Now In Isolation.. 😀



Eat with butter

Cut with cutter

If you forget me

You will definitely

Fall in gutter 😀


2 Singles On Chat.

1st: Do You Have A Girlfriend??

2nd: Yeh Dude…

1st: Wow, Where Is She From??

2nd: From Different Nations…

1st: Which Nation??

2nd: Only My “ImagiNation”. 😀


 Tobacco vs Alcohol

Tobacco Causes Cancer..

Alcohol Causes Dancer.. 😀


You Are Genius

You Are a Genius…

Your Mind Is A Master Piece.

It Is Divided Into Left And Right.

In The Left Part, Nothing Is Right.

And In Right Part, Nothing Is Left. 😀

 Little Girl And A Cop

There Is A Little Girl On A Bike And A Cop On A Horse.

Cop: Did You Get That Bike From Santa?

Girl: Yes.

Cop: Next Year Ask Santa For Some Reflectors
“The Cop Gave Her A $5 Fine”

Girl: Hey Cop, Did Santa Get You That Horse For Christmas?

Cop: Yes.

Girl: Tell Santa Next Year
Put The Dick On The Bottom Of The Horse, Not The Top.


 Chinese Names

Q: How Do Chinese People Choose Their Kid’s Names?

A: Easy.. They Just Throw
Their Pots And Pans Down The Stairs,
And Listen For The Sounds;
“Dong- Ping- Wang- Feng- Chung” 😀


 A Teacher

Teacher: Arnold, What Do You Call
A Person Who Keeps On Talking When People Are No Longer Interested??

Arnold: A Teacher Sir.. 😀



When trying to get a taxi doesn't work, lol!

My piggy bank be like...