Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) Mod for Android + 1.132 Apk


Extra Lives :

In a world full of brainless zombies and heartless humans, see how long you will live! Develop unique relationships with 200 other characters, each with their own beliefs about what the issue is and how to fix it, spread through 8 warring factions.

On your journey, visit over 50 different places to restore order to every corner of the city, with hundreds of interactive items to assist you along the way. With an above-average fighting system from the Wrestling Revolution series, it has never been so satisfying to rip enemies apart.

While the game is mostly free to play, you can upgrade your experience to “infinitely” boost it. Start with a character from your imagination and save all others with your modifications to make the world your own. You can also pick how many zombies you start with at the deep end to either dive in or ensure a slow build. Complete access to the “Deathmatch” special mode also gives you all the excitement of destroying zombies with no pressure at all.