Elite World War Heroes: Black Ops Battle Stations :

Elite World War :

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Advance radar system with the latest combat technologies, which shows air strikes and tanks. Protect Yourself from Tanks, explosives and air raids. Be the Hero and Protect Yourself from Germans.

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Shooting combat frontline commando mission game. You are the frontline commando in Elite World War action game. Commando soldier combat in the battlefield with sniper, gun, rifle and assault and this is all about shooting and surviving and 3D commando reflexes.
Select your target very carefully following your commander order, promoting the rank of corporal, Sergeant, major all the way up to general. Attack on them and stop the enemies before they strike the commando. Plan your strategy and carry out your black ops operations. Your Army can occupies many territories, this battle takes place areas like Central, Eastern, Northeastern and Southeastern Europe.