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“P, yes, please. In a button murder case, you know how important this case is for S “S’ missing one and only kin. There was only one explanation why she became a detective to solve the case. Investigate S’s crime scene and apprehend the criminal! Find proof of the variations in the scenes in the crime scene, and try to guess the perpetrator with the knowledge you gained! “S Detective,”

Ten years ago, he was a police killed by a serial killer. In the end, the police could not uncover the case either.”S” feels the police’s incompetence. S later became a famous detective, and while she was investigating a case, she discovers a “wooden button” with a snake carved on it that looked like what was discovered in R’s belongings. S hears unexpected news while investigating a case focused on a case.

I’m a genuine detective! This is no ordinary Find the Differences game. The criminal is one of the four suspects! Find the murder weapon of the killer and the evidence that symbolises the animosity between the evidence obtained from the photo game and apprehend the criminal by matching the perpetrators with them! The fact of the case is overcome by webtoons.