Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK 1.7.00

Dead Trigger 2

(Unlimited Ammo)


Within Dead Trigger 2 version of MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) supplied by techiapkworld you are no longer afraid of zombies.

The Dead Trigger 2 is the second zombie game series published one year after its predecessor by publisher Madfinger Games. Like the first chapter, this game is still a war without zombies, but part 2 gives you something different, more generally.


In 2012, there was a horrific pandemic all over the world, turning humans into zombies and attacking others to further spread germs. The pace of the disease is spreading so rapidly that it has defeated both medical and military facilities worldwide. No Hope – the only born anti-zombie organ. But they didn’t last long. They didn’t last long.




Part 2 is the ideal update since in many ways the game has the norm including visual quality, sound, and a lack of depth problem in the previous version. The unity prize 2012 was given to the game using the best technology for Unity graphics.


The zombies created several new organisms with huge power two years later. Two years later Nope was totally ruined and failed. All of them become zombies. There are only a few characters with different roles, including a physician, engineer, gunsmith scientist, smuggler, and you, who are the main character of the game.



Build The Hideout, you and your partners begin your journey through 33 nations and 600 zombie-fighting scenes, find the cause and cure for this global pest. Of course, the Dead Trigger 2 plot is awesome. The game still surprises me, so I am totally interested in the game’s details.



Dead Trigger 2 is the first person shooter game to explore gameplay and incorporates several aspects such as survival, role play, action, fear, and zombies. Big, accessible, free-moving environments allow you to travel to wherever you like, instead of moving along the tracks like most mobile games. This means that all the hurried zombies with heavy arms or Grenades can be played, randomly pushed, and chosen.

Guns are the most powerful tool against zombies, they have the power to remove zombies from afar without giving them a chance to approach you. I think you should remain close to the munitions throughout the battle, so you can constantly refill the munitions. Try not to fight, that’s a major error with a wrench.

You can also take part in sniper-mode – the spot for the best weapons. In addition to the story mode, Many people are attacked by zombies right behind as they move to safe places. Your goal is the security for innocent people by snipping all zombie hordes.