Dead Ops Zombies Reborn – Zombie Shooter


Dead Ops Zombies Reborn :

Screenshot Image

Is this a rip off from CoD Zombies? Perhaps. I developed this game because I am a huge fan of the Zombies franchise, and I have not yet seen a mobile game that gave the same vibe. So I tried to create my own.

Cover art

Thank you all for your positive reviews and suggestions! I will try to add as many of your great ideas to the game! I didn’t have a lot of time in the past few weeks, but soon there will be a lot of updates. Leave your ideas and criticism in the reviews and I will read all of them.

Game Features:
*Fight wave after wave to get score and gems!
*2 Maps to play on (More are being designed)
*Up-gradable character
*Class maker
*Weapon attachments
*Tons of weapons
*All Perk a Cola’s from the original Black Ops Zombies
*Pack-a-punch your weapons, Powerups, and traps through vending machines!
*Buy guns from the Mystery Box!
*Melee weapons