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CSGO Mobile


Valve Corporation is now officially launching the Android version of the popular shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a game known as CSGO Mobile. This game’s APK file can be downloaded for free on TECHIAPKWORLD.



Counter-Strike creation history: the monument of shooting games
If you are a fan of shooting games, you probably already know Counter-Strike, which for more than 20 years has been a shrine to the shooter game series. In 1997, a Canadian, Gooseman, The programmer developed a mod called NAVY Seals for Quake.




Gooseman went on to create a mod version of Quake 2 after completing NAVY Seals, and it is considered to be the precursor to today’s Counter-Strike.In 1999, Gooseman and his associates started to create a mod version of Half-Life, a very successful shooting game for Valve.

Thanks to the easy and attractive gameplay, this edition quickly attracted a large number of players to participate. This version was purchased by Valve and invited Gooseman to work for their company. Shortly afterward, versions of CS were released, culminating in versions of CS 1.0 (October 2000) and CS 1.6 (September 2003).



The most full edition of CS with the gameplay and graphics updated to the limit is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so far. There were also several major tournaments and many professional teams in the game.

There were quite a few issues with porting a complex PC game like CS: GO to a cell phone and tablet edition. This game involves a lot of manipulation by the player. To discern a good player from a normal player, only a little variation in movement is enough.

In this aspect, however, CSGO Mobile did a great job. The game console is intuitive enough. If you’ve ever played other smartphone shooting games, you’ll master them easily. On either side of the screen, the simple virtual keys are like a joystick, reload bullets, fire, exchange weapons, aim (when using sniper guns).In CSGO Mobile, there are 5 styles of movement, including jumping, sitting, walking, standing, and running.

In particular, slow walking allows you not to disclose the sound of footsteps while traveling. Jumping also allows you to appear in addition to helping you get through some obstacles or leap to a better place to shoot, To the opponents appear suddenly. Your shooting capacity is not high, though, when you shoot while jumping (jump shot).


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