Crossout Mobile APK

Crossout Mobile


The gameplay is very similar to first-person shooter games, except what you’re controlling isn’t a soldier or a warrior, it’s a heavy gun vehicle war machine. This game is a great choice for you if you love cars but are beginning to get tired of typical racing games like Asphalt 9 or GRID Autosport.



4vs4 Fights are the main mode of Crossout Phones. You will be teamed up with any player on the system to begin a match. Your duty is to destroy any enemy in order to win.

Center your firepower, move wisely and transform the vehicles of your enemy into a heap of scraps. Join the game and beat the world’s teams, climbing to the top of the world’s rankings.




Driving in Crossout Mobile is very similar to PUBG Mobile, with a virtual key to power the car and a virtual key to aim on the left side of the screen, the virtual key to the right of the screen to help you switch the camera.

For who like racing game on mobile, the control of this game will be a bit difficult for you in the beginning, but you will master it after a few games.



One fascinating thing is that by concentrating fire on the parts of your vehicle, you can kill your opponent’s vehicles. If you shoot an enemy’s gun, for instance, it will be destroyed and left out of the car and the enemy’s car will not be able to attack you. If you fire all four of the wheels of your enemy, their cars will not move and you can freely attack.