crisis s mod apk

crisis s mod apk:

For C.E 2048. There was failure and danger in Grovia every night. Here, in order to treat humans, all ways of treating mice can be used. As a Crow recruit, you have embraced the mission to save a slum.

Whether it’s protecting the surviving mankind, battling the enormous army, or dominating the evil universe, it’s all up to you! Become a fantasypunk, an urban mercenary armed with cybernetic upgrades and create your legend on the streets of Grovia! -[Survival of the Strongest] Fantastic gear, material quenching, dynamic abilities, solid firearms. -[Cybernetic Weapons]

Fellow or enemy? [Build Your Salvation Corps] All depends on your judgement! Fight in iconic battles against millions of players from around the world alongside friends and against rivals! -[Express Yourself]Become a saviour with high degree of freedom customization options by simple tools as your true self.