coz 1 mod apk

coz 1 mod apk:

“Clash of Zombies II” is the “Zombie Clash” series that opened its Closed Beta this month, and you shouldn’t wait too long if you want to get in, because the slots are limited. Double gems will be returned in the next Public Beta by buying some gems in Closed Beta! A horrific virus that can turn regular people into zombies has been published by Dr. T.

Zombie epidemic, the beginning of the end of the planet. As a leader, you must lead the superheroes against the attacking Zombies and Dr.T. Will you live on earth and protect it? It’s in your possession now! Game Features: 11 exclusive zombie battle units with upgrade levels. Free to Play!

For free Superheroes and Gems, log in to Clash of ZombiesII per day! Play PVP online against millions of players around the world! Build the ultimate army and reinforce your impenetrable stronghold! Lead Zeus, Spider-man, Werewolf, Hurricane Queen, Monkey King Superheroes to battle enemy armies! You can hire more than 50 heroes and their mercenary squads without training soldiers!