Counter Attack – Multiplayer FPS


Counter Attack :

TECHI APK WORLD present the shooting counter attack CA are fully with many entertainments new weapons, new features, all are here for free download without any kind of cost.

Aid for English, Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese and Hindi languages. Different kinds of guns and weapons. Knives: Butterfly, Karambit, Huntsman, Bajonett and Knives Move. Pistols: Glock, USP,Tec-9, Desert Eagle, Five Eight. Shotguns: M3super90 and BM4.

The game and its multiplayer features are in the development stage of Beta, we will review it very frequently to give you updates in new content, bug fixes, reliability and gameplay. Please contact us through our social networks or use the help email if you find a problem.