Combat Critical Strike : Modern Warfare Duty: Modern Warfare Duty

Combat Critical Strike:

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Combat Critical Strike: Modern Warfare Duty is the best action shooter FPS game. Modern strike of real action hero. You have extraordinary missions, countless tactical actions, survival techniques and counter-terrorists to blitz the unskilled enemy.

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Call of modern strike is the ultimate need of warriors. Your town is at the risk of terrorists. This time terrorist is powerful, they have invaded the innocents. Battle has started everywhere! People are scared to see the dismaying Massive destruction. In this critical situation military heroes have decided for counter terrorists’ attacks to unleash these enemies.
Combat Critical Strike : Modern Warfare Duty requires the deadly war strategy to compete against rival. Use your fighting skill, shooting skills and gun shooting skills. Experience the battle lands of thrilling combat actions. Real combat is in your hands. Aim & trigger your gun to shoot those enemies.
Equip yourself with arsenal of your choice like ammo, sniper rifles, assault, machine gun or shot gun ,Rocket Launcher and many more. Upgrade your weapons for ultimate shots. Shoot like you are the only warrior of this battlefield. Use grenades for instant kills to eliminate the enemies that destroy your peace in order to accomplish the secret missions.