Kuji Cam v2.21.16 [Premium] [Latest]

Kuji Cam

Kuji Cam;

Available with an instant preview video.

New! Select the filters, color filter, grain and date stamp 3D effects

Available with instant preview camera. Create beautiful pictures with effects of light leakage and chromatic aberration. # Kujićam


– Quick sample

– Random light leak filters

– Customizable date stamp

– self-timer

– Huji, Gudak, Black & White filters

Premium features;

– Editor of the filter. Switch filter and impact images

– Redevelop random filter photography

– Autosave

– Pick color filter

– No ads


Blue Hour (Solar Calculator) v3.10.9 [Patched] [Latest]

Blue Hour (Solar Calculator)

Blue Hour (Solar Calculator);

The Blue Hour describes a time of dawn and dusk when, particularly for photography, the sky is colored. The Blue Hour describes a time of dawn and dusk, particularly when the sky is very colored for photography, interesting. The Blue Hour’s length and pacing differ according to place and time. The Blue Hour (solar calculator) software has been built to produce optimum results and to plan ahead.

Not only the blue hour is limited to the calculations. This is also possible to quantify additional data for sun and moon events. It includes sunrise, sunset and blue hour details, golden hour and twilight time information (civil, Astronomical and nautical). In addition, you can measure moonrise, moonset and moon phase details (calculated data is + /- 1-day accuracy approximations).

You can see data for multiple locations in this app. By getting your GPS location, these can be set manually or automatically. You also have the opportunity to set location time zones manually, which can be helpful if necessary. You’re planning trips to locations where you’re currently in a different time zone.


YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor v5.43.1 [Premium][SAP] [Latest]

YouCam Perfect - Photo Editor & Selfie Camera App

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor;

The best photo studio for improving all of your pictures! To pixel photo backgrounds, vignette, overlays, HDR and more, edit mosaic pictures.

Snap selfies with new filters in the summer!
New wedding filters allow you to snap pictures of the perfect summer wedding!
New wedding filters perfect summer wedding snaps!

Tools for photo editing and top selfie editor used by celebrities and millions worldwide!Retouch pictures to adjust skin tone, add filters, remove wrinkles easily, add freckles & contours, remove pimples, edit tired eyes, reshape your face, and look thinner in just a few touches. Get the only selfie camera and photo editor you’ll ever have hundreds of collages, frames, stickers and funny scenes are needed.

The best photo studio for enhancing all of your videos!

Real-Time Skin Beautifying Effects in Beauty Camera & Video Selfies

• Real-time beautifying effects and filters make you look perfect in every photograph

— Bring selfies to life with short videos (Android 4.3 above is required)

— Videos and video selfies with cool filters to make your videos better.

Beautify your portrait photos in seconds!

Multi-face detection allows you to touch the face in your group shots. Easily turn each face into a smiling, happy portrait with “Smile:)” feature, perfect for group shots to save a happy moment with smiles on each face.

Edit Photos with Full Editing Toolkit;

· Try effects and one-touch filters, photo crop and rotate, mosaic pixel to blur background, vignette and HDR effect / Blur photos using defocus the background, Gaussian blur, and other blur effect tools

Simple Steps for a Flawless & Luminous Face in Every Picture

• Smoother skin allows dry skin, wrinkles, acne, and fine lines to vanish. Apply blush and strip shine to show a plain face, even without making up or adding snacks.

Face Shaper gives you a perfect face shape without cosmetic surgery — Apply contours to your face to show off your real beauty — Eye Bag Remover decreases darkness in the eye circles and eliminates puffiness

Perfect Your Full-Body Images with Slimmer Waist & Longer Legs — Shrink your waist and look thinner with Body Slim instantly — Add height to your body shots in one touch with the Longer Legs feature — Look taller and better without wearing awkward high heels

Cutout & Object Remover Makes It All About You!;

Cut out the subject of a picture, then give it a fun new backdrop for a special effect, like a green screen for your photos.

• Remove inappropriate background objects or individuals, so your image is all about you!

Stylize & Share Pics with Friends!;

• Place your image into a fun picture, chart, collage or model!

Join the Social Community for All Things Beauty;

Try and explore the best in beauty, fashion and style — Share with Twitter, Instagram and your favorite social networks — See videos on how to apply makeup in real life!

Planit! for Photographers Pro v9.8.13 [Patched] [Latest]

Planit! for Photographers Pro;

This is a special appeal to landscape photographers, travel photographers, nature photographers or those who are particularly interested in night photography, skyline, time-lapse, star-trail or astrophotography: don’t look anymore, this is the ultimate app for you – the PlanIt!

Ansel Adams dedicates symbolism to the start of his first novel “Taos Pueblo.” He introduced the idea of “previsualization,” which meant that the artist imagined what he wanted his final print to look like before he even began to take the take.

Photographers are using various tools to help them pre-visualize the image. Many of these devices are phone apps today. Planit! Planit! It is an all-in-one solution designed to leverage map technology and simulated viewfinder (VR, AR). Photographers should be provided with the necessary tools to preview the scene in combination with the Sun, Moon, Stars and Milky Way. Some questions you may have to ask yourself before you go on a photo trip are:

Where is the time and location of the Sun or the Moon and see the movement of the Sun / Moon / Stars / Milky Way as in real life?

When and what is the Sunset or Sunrise at any place around the world today or on any date?

Do I get a good view of the subject from somewhere where the view is not obscured by a mountain?

To capture the entire width or height of the image, which lens should I bring?

If the scene is too big, how many shots do I need to take to create a panorama and how many angles do I need to cover each shot and how many angles will I rotate the camera between each shot?

How do I write the scene, taking into account the altitude of the subject and the position of the sun or moon?

Was Star Trail photography a good time tonight? How long can I be exposed without the rising moon being affected?

What are the dates and times in the sky to have Milky Way?

If you’re interested in answering any of the above questions, the PlanIt! It’s the right application for you. In a simple application, we have included tools to help you find GPS coordinates, elevation, distance, elevation gain, direct view, focal length. Duration, field depth (DoF), hyperfocal range and panorama, all of which are visually depicted on the map and sometimes in a virtual viewfinder. However, the characteristics of the Ephemeris include sunrise, sunset,Moonrise, time and location of the moonset, twilights, special hours of the day, position of the Sun and the Moon, Sun / Moon Finder, more than 100 azimuth and altitude angles (such as Polaris), star trail preparation and exposure time measurement,Calculation of time-lapse and hyper-lapse, milky way search, calculator of exposure / ND, light meter, bub timer, etc. Again, either on the map or in the viewfinder, all of them are represented.

S Photo Editor VIP v2.63 build 133 Cracked [Latest]

S Photo Editor

S Photo Editor;

S Photo Editor: A Photo Editor that is mind-blowing! Customized. It’s interesting. It’s unique. S Photo Editor captures all of life’s great moments!


• Huge filters – for your choice, 150 + photo effects.
• Collage Creator – Make an amazing collage for your photo collection.
• Beauty Cam – Look beautiful in the eye’s blink.
• Private Gallery – Lock photos and videos from your house.

• Have fun editing with Emoticon, Animal Face and more …

• Unique theme – make your statement with your own theme.
• Effect Mirror – double yourself, double fun.
• PIP – the coolest pic-in-pic effect ever.

• Dynamic photography – Moving your image!
• Funny emoji photo editor, doodle, tilt-shift and more …

Stop Motion Studio v5.3.1.7939 [Premium] [Latest]

Stop Motion Studio PRO

Stop Motion Studio;

Stop Motion Studio PRO

Get Stop Motion Studio, the easiest application in the world today to get you to stop motion film making! All features have already been included. Would you like to make videos on YouTube like Wallace and Gromit or the groovy Lego shorts? Then this is the app that you need to add to your collection.

Make beautiful animated stop motion videos anywhere on your screen instantly. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. No need for a computer. It’s simple to use, deceptively powerful and insanely fun to play with. Create fantastic movies your friends will enjoy or share it with the world on YouTube, Facebook and other sites.

Stop Motion Studio helps you to create terrific stop action movies with a whole host of unique features :

• Overlay mode for correct control frame discrepancies

• Grid mode for easier placement of animated images

• Dynamic frame-by-frame display viewer at different speeds

• Automatically capture frames with an adjustable time interval feature

• Zoom in and out of the timeline view so you never get stuck, even if you have hundreds of frames.

Do amazing things :

• Create Ultra High Definition movies with four-fold Full HD resolution.
• Choose from seven stunning effects to give a professional touch to your film.
• Remote Camera: Get a new look! Use a second remote device Wi-Fi-connected camera.

• Import images into your movie from your photo library.
• Green Screen: Change your scene backdrop to make it appear wherever you can picture the figures you catch flying.
• Rotoscoping: Import video clips by painting over them and create beautiful animations.


• Import images into your movie from your photo library.
• Green Screen: Change your scene backdrop to make it appear wherever you can picture the figures you catch flying.
• Rotoscoping: Import video clips by painting over them and create beautiful animations.

Image Editor;

• Paint your film with various tools for painting and paint directly onto the image.
• Use the magic eraser to automatically remove unwanted picture pieces.
• Swap frames to reflect rapid movement.

Full Camera Control;

• Automatic or manual white balance, focus and exposure control

• Cinema Mode (2.35:1) or Square Mode (1:1)

Record Audio or Add Music;

• Bring everything to life in practically every location in your movie using sound effects. Choose from over 40 samples of music and sound

* • Record audio or voiceover directly to your movie

• Add music to your movie from your own song library

• Adjust the volume of any soundtrack.


• Export your movie to 4 K UHDTV standard

• Export as an animated GIF

• Export to Facebook or Instagram in square format

• Export all photos

• Import and export plan.




Phocus Portrait Mode Editor v15.0.1 [Paid] [Latest]

Phocus : Portrait Mode & Portrait Lighting Editor

Phocus Portrait Mode Editor;

Phocus helps you edit the backgrounds of your images in a unique manner. It adds field depth to the subject by automatically blurring the reference.

The simple design will give you what you’re looking for with the advanced face-body recognition technology that we use in the background.


Simply add your photo to Phocus and tap the magic wand for an automatic blur background.

The intellect of the Phocus device works to achieve perfect acceptance. # Phocus Portrait Style


You don’t want to give to your images a more esthetic feeling? The burst of color is for you. Get cool pictures of backdrop grayscale.

# Colorsplash Focus


Are you not sick of filters that are heavy and shallow? Phocus: Color Blend offers excellent filtering. Choose the color you want and use the color to filter that image. Use this when the background is blurred, if you want. You’re going to be fantastic in the foreground!
# phocuscolorblend



Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor v3.7.2 [PATCHED] [Latest]

Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor;

Add more than 640 stunning images, effects, filters or montages to your pictures! Photo Lab PRO is a photo editor that’s simple, quick and fun. To make any photo funny and any portrait beautiful, you don’t have to be a Photoshop ninja. Simply pick aFilter, frame or mount to use, then pick the image you want to process and that’s it!

Please note that the Photo Lab is a software focused on the Internet. It allows us to keep the memory of your phones free of the loads of resources needed to create high-quality photographic art works.

Some of tools to process your photos which are exclusive to the PRO version include :

Stylized photo effects to look like a vintage card or a retro film

Artistic filters to transform your pictures into elegant drawings or paintings

Man-to-animal assemblies to give a lion, cat or koala your face

Background effects to transform your photo’s surroundings into a dreamlike setting.

Rhonna Designs v2.50 [Paid] Cracked [Latest]


Rhonna Designs;

Love adding personality to the editing of your photo?

App Description: Designed to add your own personality to your pictures with your imagination in mind. Up to 8 buffers can be printed with great resolution! Rhonna Farrer’s exclusive frames, masks, designs, fonts & filters right on your phone are perfect for creatively editing your photos with the artist.

* * The same design kits and fonts can be purchased from rhonnadesigns.com for higher resolution photo editing on your laptop or PC.

* * Includes exclusive backgrounds to create inspiring words of art, memories, poems or notes!

Features: Set transparency, light, highlights, outlines, scale & angles as you build with the features of text & design.


Moment – Pro Camera v3.1.15 [Paid] [Latest]

http://Moment – Pro Camera v3.1.15 [Paid] [Latest]

Moment – Pro Camera;

Adjust exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, image format, and more easily — all within the reach of the thumb.

Would you like to reset any auto setting? Double-tap on it.

Reset the whole thing back to the car? The viewfinder is double-taped. It’s busy.

Complete Manual – Control exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance in real time independently with easy-to-use sliders and reset double taps.

RAW – Shoot pictures for better editing in RAW format.

Live Histogram – Use an on-screen histogram to easily determine brightness values.

Keep it Level – Line the perfect shot with levels of Horizon, Macro, and Sky.

Accurate focus control – Manual focus and focus tap.

EXIF metadata – For recorded images, see comprehensive metadata.

Note: The app is photo-only at the moment. In the near future, we are working to add video support.

Moment – Pro Camera requires full support for Google’s Camera 2 API, allowing many of the manual controls to work properly.