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Blue Hour (Solar Calculator)

Blue Hour (Solar Calculator);

The Blue Hour describes a time of dawn and dusk when, particularly for photography, the sky is colored. The Blue Hour describes a time of dawn and dusk, particularly when the sky is very colored for photography, interesting. The Blue Hour’s length and pacing differ according to place and time. The Blue Hour (solar calculator) software has been built to produce optimum results and to plan ahead.

Not only the blue hour is limited to the calculations. This is also possible to quantify additional data for sun and moon events. It includes sunrise, sunset and blue hour details, golden hour and twilight time information (civil, Astronomical and nautical). In addition, you can measure moonrise, moonset and moon phase details (calculated data is + /- 1-day accuracy approximations).

You can see data for multiple locations in this app. By getting your GPS location, these can be set manually or automatically. You also have the opportunity to set location time zones manually, which can be helpful if necessary. You’re planning trips to locations where you’re currently in a different time zone.