Best Game Hempire 2.0.6 Unlimited Money VIP Unlocked

Best Game Hempire 2.0.6 Unlimited Money VIP Unlocked

Hempire Weed Rising Game is a growing revolutionary android game. To get unlimited cash and coins in the game, you can use Hempire MOD APK. Hempire Weed Growing Game is LBC Studios Inc.’s world’s first weed farm game


You can grow your weeds and strains through this game. Restore your town and battle with rivals, and establish new city mates. Hempire Weed Growing will provide you with additional features such as free gems so that you can advance more quickly than your friends. Hempire is about growing and developing a company. from the beginning and the rising of the small business.

Hempire is a story-driven game in which you’re going to compete against city leaders, meet people and assist them. Hundreds of new strains will be developed in the laboratory. Restore or complete your neighborhood house or various city people’s searches.

It looks dark but is perfect for the subject of its game Game has lovely graphics. Since it’s a freemium model you are faced with few difficulties such as slow gameplay, but Hempire Weed MOD APK will give you instant diamonds in order to faster complete your game. You just need to download and install the MOD APK file on your phone from the following links.


Hempire Introduction

It is illegal to use or grow marijuana in most countries around the world. But in Hempire, I’m about to introduce you to build and give everyone the chance to develop a cannabis empire.


Playing the game

Did you saw the film Breaking Bad? You are a wise guy, weeds are the main product that builds your career. So, the objective is very obvious in this game: to grow your business and to find new weeds. You’ll receive guidance on weed planting when you first play Hempire, cultivating it before you’re ready to harvest. In order to grow your kingdom, you must find new buyers and trade.



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You have to read the text on your screen and tap the corresponding function, they are very easy and intuitive we reinvest, buy new seeds and increase the cultivation area with the revenues raised. In the future, there will be enough production facilities, a growing reputation, and a lot of partners cooperating.


Create your Empire

You already know that this job is perfect if you are involved in the news. So many people are defying money-making. There are people like this in this game too, and they are your company’s rivals. The young company you are developing will soon fail if their production is good enough, created more quickly at large scale. Do not allow such opportunities for them. Work harder to represent clients in the best way possible to expand your empire.

growStudy research

It is not enough to be an entrepreneur, let us also be a Ph.D. student in laboratory investigation. Hempire provides various possibilities for customization. In it you will look for new weeds, such as Shunk 1, Sativa, Indica, Hindu Kush, and Jack Herer.

Different goods are manufactured in various combinations. The quality, harvest time, and quantity of agricultural products that can be harvested in a crop vary. Nobody will compete with you if you can shorten the time, raise the quantity and the consistency at the same time.

Build your business

The device initially gave you only a small shed and a weed planting pot. So for everyone’s needs, the supply is too limited. Consider renting bigger new warehouses when you have the money. Not only for planting but also for storing harvested items.

Expansion of market

Trade-in weeds is a way of making money. But in this game, you must find more tactics to sell more goods. And crush and make a dish if they don’t want to smoke and release smoke. Open a shop, process sweets, drinks, and other fast foods. Of course, this place will be linked to many customers.

Make yourself a tycoon

Yes, from a single job a manager never makes money. When the marijuana industry is sufficiently high, think about other things such as investment in other industries, real estate investment, or building and turning a shabby city into a big city. Naturally, the design is your duty, and don’t forget to sell cannabis in places that people live.


Function MOD

Unlimited money/diamonds: You can use them to accelerate the building, production, or hybridization process in the laboratory. Its dollars can also be traded.

VIP Unlocked: Play games that have extra rights rather than attention.


Hempire MOD APK for Android Download

Hempire’s a really fun game for simulation. It contains many practical details on the business, on the needs of users you can relate to everyday life. Start your career and earn a lot of money in this field and become a tycoon.



Hempire [Explicit]

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