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The awesome free-to-play off-road go-kart racing game, Beach Buggy Racing, is back with a bang! The developers behind this title, Vector Unit, published the sequel with some amazing updates that will appeal to anyone who played the original game. You can play Beach Buggy Racing 2 on your PC now, or enjoy the smooth handheld touchscreen controls.


The target is to be among the first drivers to cross the finish line in Beach Buggy Racing 2 on PC. For only participating in the race, you win coins. A Top 3 finish, however, is even better. This, along with a crate full of bonus coins, gems or power-up cards, will win you stars. You will drive into glowing bubbles as you race around the track. Not for pc these

You can shoot a firework, for instance, or launch a spring trap. When you are trailing behind, such power-ups are perfect. Each character also has a special skill that helps other drivers keep up with them. Alternatively, stretch your lead using the juice boost by leaving behind a swarm of killer bees or speeding off briefly.

The more you enjoy it, Beach Buggy Racing 2 gets more fun. As well as new tracks and power-ups, progressing to higher levels unlocks faster vehicles. From beach buggies to monster trucks, you can unlock up to 40 vehicles. To stand out on the race track, you can customise your go-kart fleet with paint and decal packages. Just as impressive as the large vehicle fleet on offer is the virtual world.