Auto Theft Gangsters MOD APK 1.19

Auto Theft Gangsters

(Infinite Currencies, Always critical, Skills no cooldown)

No more heroes. We’re going to experience a game today that allows us to become bad people. In 2018, Auto Theft Gangsters is a new action game. When you first look at the game, this game may confuse you with Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto.


The game, because there is a similarity between gameplay and graphics. I must confirm that, along with many interesting features released by Doodle Mobile, Auto Theft Gangsters is a more compact game. Auto Theft Gangsters will be the perfect choice for you if you are bored with an old Grand Theft Auto game.



The scene of the Gangsters of Auto Theft in Liberty City, a place full of criminals, gangsters, street gangs. There are many money-and-power wars every day in this city. Besides, it is not uncommon for activities such as illegal trade, revenge, etc. You’re a young person who has moved in.

Nobody thinks that you can change Liberty’s fate. Your opportunity has come. This town doesn’t have any rules. The one who takes power is the strongest. You can do big and small missions to increase your rank in the underworld, such as looting, fighting gangs, even killing notorious bosses. Make Liberty a criminal city of yours.


The game is similar to New Orleans’ Gangstar. You will be a true gangster in Auto Theft Gangsters. Initially, as well as having links with other gangs, you can only do some small tasks to get money. Start by stealing a car, buying a gun, killing some thief thieves in your path. Congratulations here. You’ve had a perfect oneThe beginning of your criminal career.

The game has hundreds of highly demanding missions waiting in front of you. Show them who this city’s number one gangster is. Liberty City is a rich and beautiful city, but full of dangers that always lurk around you. Because you are a person, Your rivals, gangsters, can be anybody. Another gangster, an average citizen, and a policeman. That’s how you survive in this game, always ready to face all those who dare to block the lane. It is recommended, however, that you restrict the accidents to the police. Your battle with the police will make your stars rise. Like many stars, the more you are persecuted by the police. They’ve got helicopters and tanks to kill you, too.


Auto Theft Gangsters are full of your preferred guns. Rifles, shotguns, or even a bazooka are as plain as that. Use the weapon which suits your mission best. In this game, expensive cars can not be listed in particular. I like stealing beautiful things. Cars on the highway, often for any excuse whatsoever. You may also own your tank or a helicopter. Besides, don’t forget to outfit your character with stylish clothing.

You will enjoy the glorious Liberty City in addition to doing assignments. Explore all the game’s paths, In particular, the city at night. In this game, you can do crazy stuff.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Special Edition – Xbox 360



I had always wanted to get this because I was a huge GTA Fan. I have been since 2000 when the First GTA Title had come out and have been since then.

Though Today Grand Theft Auto V is a huge hit among gamer’s and people play it way more than Grand Theft Auto IV, I always find myself wanting to return to Liberty City and the always clever writing that the characters say. Niko Bellic, the cousin to the obnoxious Roman Bellic who is always a speed dial away from calling you asking if you could go, Bowling, shoot some darts or grabbing a drink at a Pub. Brucie is the snobby body lifter who is always putting himself over and Packie.

The Irish born man is in desperation to want to rob a Bank. Possibly one of the greatest missions ever as well, with all this nostalgia I decided to pick this one up, adding it side by side next to my Grand Theft Auto V Collectors Box, and now I get to relieve some of these great moments that I have deeply missed