Anger of stick 5: zombie MOD APK 1.1.39

Anger of stick 5: zombie:

Action Game Stickman – Wrath of Stick 5: Zombie Zombie Action

[The scenario]

In the city, a mysterious group of enemies emerged and used innocent individuals as experimental instruments.

A lot of people have turned into zombies to save people and remove enemies from Hero and his mates.

[The Growth Elements of RPG]
The level-up method through interactions (EXP).
Please invite 6 kinds of trustworthy guys.

Up to 3 players may be called for assistance.

Purchase firearms and upgrade them to powerful arms.

[Features in the Game]
Both single mode and Jombie mode can be enjoyed.
Adapted to a range of gestures and practical acts

• Strategically use aircraft and machine guns.

Purchase powerful robots and unleash heavy firepower.

Realistic effects on the movement and objects of characters are changed.

It just requires 30MB to be mounted on your mobile.

On your old smartphone, enjoy its wonderful results.

When you substitute the phone’s terminal or uninstall the game, data will be initialised.

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