VK Fest :

TECHI APK WORLD uploads the last app of vk.com that is vk fest for you and your lovers.

20 и 21 июля в Парке 300-летия Санкт-Петербурга состоится пятый юбилейный VK Fest. Сотни интерактивных площадок, море развлечений, блогеры, спикеры и Ваши любимые артисты. Это будет круто!

Для Вас мы подготовили удобные разделы и возможности:

• Подробная карта мероприятия.
• Список всех участников фестиваля.
• Расписание выступлений артистов и спикеров.
• Подготовка личного расписания. Отдельный раздел «Избранное».
• Удобные маршруты. Познакомьтесь с новыми участниками VK Fest и откройте неожиданные места.
• Онлайн-магазин VK Shop с эксклюзивными товарами ВКонтакте.
• Покупка и привязка уже купленных билетов. Чтобы зайти на фестиваль, достаточно будет показать экран телефона.

On July 20 and 21, the fifth anniversary VK Fest will take place in the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. Hundreds of interactive sites, lots of entertainment, bloggers, speakers and your favorite artists. It’ll be cool!

We have prepared convenient sections and opportunities for you:

• Detailed map of the event.
• List of all festival participants.
• Schedule performances artists and speakers.
• Preparing a personal schedule. A separate section “Favorites.”
• Convenient routes. Meet new VK Fest members and discover unexpected places.
• VK Shop online store with exclusive products VKontakte.
• Purchase and linking tickets already purchased. To enter the festival, it will be enough to show the phone screen.



Snapster :

TECHI APK WORLD Upload the vk.com app snapster which is use to edit the best of world Pic and it the world best photo editor for you from us.

Snapster is a smart photo editor. It’s intended for those who experience our enthusiasm for excellent shots.

Snapster can make lively flashes perfect. With this app, you should all the necessary expert tools for editing.

Клевер — игра с призами : CLEVER GAMES WITH PRIZES :

Клевер : CLEVER :

Клевер Бой — продолжение легендарной игры Клевер. Это новый режим, в котором игра проходит в формате один на один. Главная цель — правильно ответить на все 7 вопросов дуэли. Вы можете вызвать на поединок своего друга или случайного соперника и выигрывать реальные призы от наших партнеров.

Лучшие игроки возглавят обновленный рейтинг вашего города, школы или вуза: заходите побороться за место в топе!

Clover Fight – the continuation of the legendary game Clover. This is a new mode in which the game is played in one-on-one format. The main goal is to correctly answer all 7 questions of the duel. You can challenge your friend or a random opponent and win real prizes from our partners.

The best players will lead the updated rating of your city, school or university: come to compete for a place in the top!



TECHI APK WORLD uploads the vk.com apps for our lover and their lovers and This App is used to stram live with world and make new friends..

VK Live is an app for live streaming on VK. It grants you know about yourself to thousands of souls in real-time and shifts popular.

Partake sensations, tell something exciting that appears around you, find new associates and socialize.


VK Admin (Beta) :


VK Admin is an app for area administrators. This app permits you to converse with clients and followers on behalf of your VK communities, watch your groups and record statistics from your mobile phone.

In extension to talking with patients and advocates, VK Admin gives you complete authority over your neighborhood by serving to you

VK — social network and calls: free apk downloads


VK unites millions of characters, creating unending opportunities for communication, presentation, business and sharing of information from wherever in the earth.

You can send information, watch videos and live streams on the VK video player, play games, listen to music, follow groups, browse the news, explore an enormous world of gifted bloggers and content inventors, and instantly assign money to associates and family.

VK is a human network that supplies you a novel opportunity to meet and chat with new personalities and stay in tactility with your friends, wherever they may be. Formulate a group chats with those close to you to obey up with what’s going on. Whether laughing at memes or looking at photos, it’s forevermore fun with friends. And if you’re progressing or planning great events, VK live streams can be an invaluable way to comment and share your content with a wide variety of people


SpaceWalk VR Experience:

Set off of inside the Shuttle freight recess. Swim throughout the shuttle and take in the picture. Photo original Coast throughout day and night of planetoid representation.

Ever questioned what it would be similar to glide miles high the Earth, spacewalking with a private jet pack around the Term Shuttle and International Space Station? SpaceWalk VR enables you to endure just that on a Daydream-compatible movable device.

Take the shuttle area path and experience of the day. Take an excursion to the International Space Station.




Coincide, converse, and bestow your photos with actual people from throughout the earth in vTime XR – the world’s premier cross-reality (XR) social network.

Be Friendly, together: vTime enables you to meet colleagues and new characters in VR or AR*, of wheresoever you are in the world. Make it special: Plan your vTime avatar, with numbers of customization opportunities to make a graphic virtual you.

Pick your address: Join colleagues in our continually changing library of impossible virtual environments. Upload your plane and 360 pictures to distribute with friends: Share 2D photos, or converse inside your minds in the 360 Gallery.

Prove yourself by vMote gestures: Our faculty of 17 virtual emojis combines flow, leave a kiss, and proclaim. Keep your friends close: Create and watch supporters lists to quickly compare and see if your VR social society is online.

Connect over 3G, 4G, cellular, or WI-FI.



Expeditions : VR GAMING APP

Google Expeditions is an immersive training and instruction tool that gives you go on VR excursions or examine AR objectives. Explore ancient memorials, go down to the microscopic level, get up resembling with cheats, even sense outer space.

Users that are not in accumulations can also investigate on their own both in VR or AR.

In the classroom or with organizations, Google Expeditions concedes a mentor serving as a “guide” to begin classroom-sized groups of “investigators” through VR travels or bestow them AR purposes. Exhibitors can practice a set of mechanisms to aim out fascinating things forward the idea.


Shadow of Death : APK FREE DOWNLOAD

Shadow of Death : Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting:

Play Anywhere, Anytime
We put the “pocket” in pocket-sized RPGs! Endure the response of conflict anywhere, anytime as Shadow of Death is an offline game. No need to be online to outrun the shadows.

Rush into the dark and endure the most inclusive opening sized flight RPG of the eternities. Whip out that obscuration blade and select a customizable dark knight to go on a side scroller experience everywhere at any time.

Easily research with increased gameplay styles, hard rare armor sets, and muscular trade trees to perform the best shadow knight possible. An offline fighting game with the life of a console RPG is not what this rank of gamers justifies, but needs! The shadow of war is lifting, will you admit the provocation.

Motivated by classic combat games and modern business RPGs, combat is a high-octane compound of magic and protection based hack and slash gameplay. An automatic touch screen interface implements different options to strategize struggle and crush enemies. The individual battle system is convenient for any player yet deep sufficient to satisfy the most hardcore action RPG fans. What are you anticipating for? Grab that mystical dark knife and fall into iniquity.